2010 Review & 2011 Predictions

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This is my 60th and final post for 2010.  It has been a great year for me professionally. I’ve been able to teach a course on social media (more courses coming in 2011), I’ve been quoted in The Concordian (a Montreal university newpaper) about staying safe with social media and I wrote a social media article for a local newpaper (on page 3).

I look forward to next year.  I look forward to offering more presentations on social media and teach more classes.  It really is great to share my excitement for social media and help people grasp the potential.

Why did these opportunities come my way? It’s not because I’m an expert, it’s because there was a growing interest and need.  Social media exploded in 2010 and the interest and demand grew.

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What’s In Store for Social Media for 2011?

In my year end post last year, I predicted that Twitter would become a mainstream business tool, and it has.  Businesses, media companies, governments, etc. have gravitated towards Twitter to improve customer service, generate revenue, stay connected with customers and much more. Here are some predictions I have for social media in 2011:

Increased In-house Social Media Expertise
2010 has proved social media is a powerful tool for organizations and these organizations will realize the importance of be actively involved in the conversation, and not through a third-party vendor.  This may take the form of hiring in-house social media professionals or ensuring existing staff are trained and assigned these social media duties. I think we will see an explosion in job titles appearing like ‘community manager’, ‘social media manager’, ‘chief listener’, etc.

Deeper Facebook Integration
With Facebook growth continuing into the 600 million users+, organizations will endeavor to capitalize on the viral aspect of Facebook ‘likes’ and comments by more fully leveraging Facebook Connect and the ‘like’ button. The lines between organizational websites and the presence of Facebook will become blurred.

Google Will Continue to Try and Usurp Facebook
Facebook remains a major contender and threat to Google.In 2010, Google tried to hard to enter the social media market with Google Wave and Google Buzz. Both attempts only proved one thing; that Google should stick with what they are good at.  Neither Wave or Buzz took off.  We will see Google continue trying to beat Facebook and retain their hold the internet powerhouse.