Monthly Archive:: December 2010

31 Dec 2010

2010 Review & 2011 Predictions

This is my 60th and final post for 2010.  It has been a great year for me professionally. I’ve been able to teach a course on social media (more courses coming in 2011), I’ve been quoted in The
22 Dec 2010

Should Your College President Be Blogging?

This question still might be asked by some communications and marketing folks in higher education. You would think the answer would be a resounding ‘yes they should!’ But the answer is not that simple. Obviously in today’s
17 Dec 2010

The Death of Adobe Flash

Today I had an interesting conversation with Hope Litwin about the future of Adobe Flash.  She was of the opinion that Flash was going to be obsolete in the next few years (if not sooner). This got
16 Dec 2010

Why Do My Posts Have a Low Time on Page?

I’ve been asking myself that question for a number of months now. It really bothered me that my blog posts were appearing to have an a Time on Page value of 0 seconds. I was doubting that
14 Dec 2010

The Blurring of the Lines: Reputation Management

There has been countless posts talking about protecting your identity or brand online by not posting stupid comments, photos or videos. I think that is the least of your concern. With the market exploding with dozens of
13 Dec 2010

Create a Social Media Hub

There are numerous social networks where you can invest your time. Do consider the following risks, however, before investing effort and energy in many social networks. Your online community can be disconnected. Imagine a large city surrounded
10 Dec 2010

It’s the Website’s Fault

How many times have you heard this or had it implied? When conversions are low, whether sales, enrolments or event registrations, the website is usually the first thing to be blamed as the cause. Websites, even though