The Future of Marketing

Image via Flickr from toprankonlinemarketing

I had the opportunity to tune into the Future of Marketing virtual conference today, where 60 of the top marketers gave their insight into the future of marketing in 60 seconds.

The conference was great, but it left me wanting more.  The good thing is that the virtual conference is a great idea generator.

I want to recap some of the ideas that stuck out for me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get everything written down because I don’t have a pen like Rita Skeeter in Harry Potter.

  • Anne Holland: Every site that has 10,000 or more visitors a month should be testing like crazy.
  • Lee Odden: Marketers must consider search outside of Google like Facebook internal search or mobile search.
  • Michael Stelzner: Focus marketing on helping others. Provide extensive how-to articles and videos.
  • CC Chapman: Content & storytelling will breakthrough the clutter. Passion is contagious.
  • Amber Mac: Social search is important. People are relying on their own network of friends to decide on a product.
  • Brian Solis: The future of marketing is the socialization of business.
  • Jay Baer: Eventually your company will have to be social.  The goal is to be good at business using social media.
  • Sonia Simone: The days of controlling the message are gone, the best we can do is chime in.
  • Ekaterina Walter: Relationship building is the new marketing.
  • David Meerman Scott: Focus on real-time marketing. Most companies focus on campaigns built in the past.
  • Matthew May: Limit information to generate intrigue.
  • Josh Bernoff: Treat own customers as a marketing channel.
  • Alex Bogusky: Becoming transparent isn’t a choice. The only choice is do you do it or have it done to you.

I’m excited about the future of marketing and look forward to being a part of the conversation.

  • David Thomas

    I got a few notes too ( and am looking forward to the PDF they release. I was typing like mad, and someone else might get a full transcript once the MP3s come out.

  • Mike McCready

    Thanks for sharing your notes. I couldn’t keep up either. I’m looking forward to the MP3 as well. Who was you favorite person?