Promotion is Critical

Image from Chris Collard

Awareness, marketing, promotion. Call it what you will, but without it your social media efforts will fail.  I’ve been a part of online contests, social media campaigns and other online activities. One thing that comes to mind is any online activity will fail if not promoted well.  This is common sense for people, but sometimes the simplest things get overlooked. I can’t help but wonder if the online contests that I’ve been a part of could have been more successful with more promotion.

All of our online activities have some goal; whether its to increase awareness of a product, or to communicate with our customers or generate leads.  The greatest online ideas will fail without getting the word out.  Ideas from large brands like Starbucks or Pepsi may easily go viral, but organizations with a smaller brand footprint have to work hard at spreading the word.  Having a great blog with minimal promotion makes me think of the riddle, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” If your blog is awesome and has great content, but you don’t promote it heavily, is your message getting out? Is your content being read?

Whether you have a blog, online contest or any other online activity, here are some simple ideas to promote your efforts:

  • include the URL in your e-mail signature
  • promote through your e-mail lists
  • use Google Ads
  • include the URL on any of your printed material
  • post tweets (remember to not over self-promote)
  • comment on other blogs
  • ask to write a guest post on another blog
  • use the sharing tools from Twitter and Facebook
  • share with others in person

What tactics do you adopt to promote your online efforts? Please share below.

  • James Frey

    This is my comment on another blog… does that count? No, seriously you need to provide a relevant comment that will hopefully start a conversation. People in the SM biz, (or businesses adopting SM) often fail to recognize the 'social' part of SM. It's all about forming and maintaining relationships not pushing product out the door.

  • Mike McCready

    I agree with you James. I hope you didn't take my point as blasting your blog on various other blogs. Relevancy is absolutely important. Blatant comment spamming will only hurt you.