How I Got 1000 Followers on Twitter

For many people, 1000 followers on Twitter is not a huge achievement, but for me it is.  The number of followers you have on Twitter doesn’t indicate success or failure, but its how engaged your followers are.  The more followers you have, the more likely you are to have engagement.  Here are some strategies that helped me:

  • Custom background: Create a custom background image that personalizes your Twitter page and promotes your other social networks, services and contact information.
  • Personal bio: Include a personal bio that is interesting and gives people a glimpse into who are. This will help people who read your tweets get a quick picture into who you are.
  • Promote others: Remember self-promotion is frowned upon on Twitter.  Consider retweeting others 12 times more than you tweet yourself.
  • Create lists: Twitter can be plagued with senseless noise, especially when you follow many people.  Create lists for various subject areas and add key people to the lists.  This will allow you to make sure that you don’t miss valuable tweets.
  • Tweet often: Unlike Facebook, it’s a good idea to tweet several times per day.  Make sure to space the tweets out throughout the day.  Tweeting before lunch may deliver better results than after lunch.
  • Use Hashtags: Many people use hashtags (#) to search for topics.  Include a hashtag related to your tweet and it’s more likely to be found by others.  Make sure not to use unrelated hashtags, you will be quickly discovered, and it will backfire.
  • Say thanks: When people either retweet your or follow you, say thanks.  It goes a long way and they may be inclined to retweet you in the future.
  • Reply: Don’t always send tweets and retweet others, but enter the conversation by replying to comments and questions on Twitter.  Twitter is a social media tool, and you should be building relationships.

What strategies do you use to grow increase your followers and engagement on Twitter?