Generate More Blog Traffic

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Yesterday I wrote a post highlighting the Future of Marketing virtual conference that happened that day.

I didn’t expect the traffic that followed.  Within 24 hours, that post was seen 50 times, which is the most viewed post in the last two weeks.

This got me asking myself, what made the difference?  Why did people gravitate to this post above the others?

Real-time and trending topics. We are a real-time nation.  When news breaks, we demand coverage of it immediately.

Whether it’s recapping an event like the Future of Marketing or providing your thoughts on a trending topic like Facebook Messages, you’ll be able to leverage the need for real-time content and drive traffic to your blog.

When I look at some of my more popular posts, I can draw correlation to the real-time trending topic and post views.

  • Web Strategy Summit: Two days after the event in Calgary, I posted a recap of the event and what was most valuable to me.  That post had a one day total of 134 views and is my third most viewed post.
  • Netflix Canada: Two weeks after Netflix announced they were in Canada, I wrote a post with my thoughts. In the last two months, it is my most viewed post.

By recapping recent events or providing commentary about a recent trending topic, you’ll be able to increase traffic to your blog.

  • Tom

    I think recapping an event can give you a nice spike but it may not be good for your long term strategy. I run a company that builds business blog software. We used to have a blog product focused on Higher Education. Two years ago, I attended an AMA Higher Ed conference in Chicago and Live-Blogged a session from the head of Marketing at DePaul University. People ate it up, tweeted it out, reblogged it – you name it – and I got a crazy spike in traffic. Now… 2 years later, the #5 search term that brings people to my blog is “DePaul University”. Obviously these readers are not interested in purchasing Business Class Blogging software and they bounce immediately.

    I have begun adhering rigorously to the SEO built into my own InnoBlogs software so I can avoid this situation in the future. I’d rather have quality steady traffic over one crazy post that gives me a big spike.

  • Mike McCready

    You make a really good point about the long tail content. While certain events and trending topics may not draw the correct audience. I still think it warrants taking advantage of the real-time events or trending topics.