Monthly Archive:: November 2010

23 Nov 2010

4 Steps to Design a Successful Website

Building any website, whether small or large, takes effort.  What separates the good websites from the great websites are the process and how efficient the team can follow the process.  I just completed a one year redesign
21 Nov 2010

Be Upfront With Your Intentions

At my work we have dozens of domain names that we manage.  Every few months I get a piece of mail from the same company kindly reminding me of domain names that will be expiring soon.  The
19 Nov 2010

Be a Thought Leader

We all hate buzz words, but this is a topic that has been on my mind lately.  I’ve had discussions with one of my colleagues about thought leadership.  Wikipedia simply describes thought leadership as an entity that is
17 Nov 2010

Generate More Blog Traffic

Yesterday I wrote a post highlighting the Future of Marketing virtual conference that happened that day. I didn’t expect the traffic that followed.  Within 24 hours, that post was seen 50 times, which is the most viewed
16 Nov 2010

The Future of Marketing

I had the opportunity to tune into the Future of Marketing virtual conference today, where 60 of the top marketers gave their insight into the future of marketing in 60 seconds. The conference was great, but it
15 Nov 2010

Align The Solution to the Issue

How many times have you been approached by a client with a website issue.  They usually come to you with some suggestions to solve the issue.  Most times the issue is real and warrants some attention, but
13 Nov 2010

How I Got 1000 Followers on Twitter

For many people, 1000 followers on Twitter is not a huge achievement, but for me it is.  The number of followers you have on Twitter doesn’t indicate success or failure, but its how engaged your followers are.