Stop Cold Calling… Avoid the Brick Wall

How many have you ever had a cold call?  I imagine everyone has.  Around six months ago I received a call from a vendor that provides web-based FAQ solutions.  At the time I was busy with a website redesign project and brushed them off.

Just recently, they contacted me again and sent me a follow-up e-mail.

The problem with this is that I’ve never heard of the company before or the person who contacted me.  The first time they contacted me, I began to build up walls.  I don’t want to hear about the service, no matter how amazing it is.  The service could be the best FAQ solution around, and I won’t give it a chance because I’ve built up walls between myself and the vendor.   They intruded on my time and did not appear concerned with our needs, just what their product could do for us.  I likely will never consider this particular FAQ solution.

Avoid the Brick Wall

This experience doesn’t have to be the same for your company.  Here are some tips to avoid the brick wall.

  • Instead of scouring websites for contacts and then cold calling them, look for them on social media and begin to build a relationship.
  • Listen on social media platforms for keywords related to your industry.  Contact those who talk about product/services related to your offerings.
  • Remember to not be focused on the sale with social media, but building the relationship.

Engaging potential clients through social media rather than traditional cold calling is more effective for the following reasons:

  1. the high adoption of Do-Not-Call lists
  2. the explosion of social media
  3. blogging, tweeting, video posts allow for others to get a glimpse into your company which builds trust
  4. people want to engage companies in different ways.

While these methods may seem to take more time, they actually don’t.  I mentioned earlier that I was cold called six months ago.  I am still not a customer.  Had they started six months ago engaging me in social media, the results may have been different.

What do you think of cold calling vs. social media? What other tips you have to generate leads with social media?