Get the Facebook Username You Want

How many of you have gone to register a username for your Facebook page only to find out its unavailable.  You try to visit the Facebook page that so rudely ‘stole’ your username, but you find out that the page could not be found.  What? The username is taken, but the page no longer exists?  What can you do?

The Facebook page was obviously deleted. Unfortunately, Facebook does not release usernames for pages, even after they’ve been deleted.  They claim it is for security reasons.

My Facebook Page Mistake

When I first setup our Facebook page, I had read that it was a good idea to include some keywords in the page name because the pages could be indexed by Google.  So I added some keywords into the page name, in addition to the name of the college I work at.  It wasn’t very long before I realized I messed up and that the page name should have just been the institution’s name.  Before I realized the mistake, I had secured the institution name as the Facebook username for the page.

I had a problem.  I couldn’t keep the page with it’s long name, but if I deleted it, I would lose the username.  I decided to delete the page and start fresh, there hadn’t been many fans yet.  The new page really took off and our fans increased dramatically.  But I still didn’t have the username I wanted for the page.  I waited for a number of months, until recently I discovered how to get it back.

How I Got Back My Facebook Username

I spent some time looking through the Help sections on Facebook and came across a helpful FAQ. It spoke to the fact of reporting infringing usernames based on legal rights of a public figure, brand or business.  I had found my answer. There is a form to complete to report the infringing username.  I knew I had created the last page, and that the college I work at has the rights to the username. Facebook agreed, and I had the username assigned to the new Facebook page.

What Does it Mean for You?

Obviously if the page doesn’t exist, I imagine that it is an easier process.  But even if the username you want is being used by another page, if you own the legal trademark for the name, you might be able to get it – it will be up to Facebook.

It is possible to get a lost username back on Facebook.  You just have to have clear and legal justification.

If you have any questions or want to know more details about how I got the username back, send me a message.

  • Vincent Leleu

    Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been waiting for weeks hoping that the username I want would eventually be released and available.

  • tori

    This only works for pages, what about personal accounts?

  • santosh p

    It giving Error when i click on Submit button but thing is there no any textbox to enter current facebook page. please help…
    Your current Facebook Page

    You have no eligible admined pages.
    Missing required field
    This field cannot be empty.

  • LJ

    Thank you! I just “reported” a username that I need for my business’ company page. Every crazy variation of the name is taken and it makes no sense. Hopefully this works!

  • J

    Hi please help! I had my business name for my page username and in someone assisting to change admins for the page the name was deleted to free it up and now it is gone. I filled out the form you linked to in the above article and immediately only got a form letter back stating sorry… we only work with a limited number of pages. (whatever that means)… can you advise any further? Thanks!

  • Ron

    Hi, just tried to use your link but it says “not Available”. HELP!!

  • Muhamad Sadik

    Hi Mike,
    When I had a business idea in my mind the very first thing I did was checking the domain name availability (Example:, it was available so bought it from Godaddy. A famous company is building the site for me on I admit I did a mistake; I didn’t check the Facebook username availability before I registered the domain. Now, I found someone had created as a page in 2010 and only one like was there and no posts. I understood someone had thought the way I did but he didn’t purchase the domain and left his plan. So I filled the Intellectual Property reporting form on Facebook. I was very happy that I received emails from Facebook. I had to prove that belongs to me and I did it. Facebook deleted or suspended the reported page and sent me mail from a no-reply email address that the page you reported is removed, they didn’t say deleted or suspended. But when I tried to grab the username it say’s unavailable. I tried to reply to my old emails but Facebook keeps sending me We are not providing personalized support on usernames and go to FAQ section etc
    I would like to know, if I trademark my business name which is for example abcdefg in USA, what is the percentage I will get this username? I asked Facebook but no answer, please advise