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28 Oct 2010

8 Best Practices for Social Media Success

The list below of best practices are not a secret or only available to exclusive group of people, but it may seem that way because so many people still don’t follow these simple tactics. Despite the cartoon
26 Oct 2010

When Does Social Media Stop Being Social?

I first raised the question when I made a comment to Jimmy Fallon on Twitter. Jimmy had an actor from ‘Saved by the Bell’ and was trying to get a petition signed on his website to encourage
21 Oct 2010

Social Media Etiquette

When talking about social media, there are a number of avenues to take.  One that has been on my mind lately is social media etiquette. I’ve been reading UnMarketing from Scott Stratten.  There is a section in his
14 Oct 2010

Stop Cold Calling… Avoid the Brick Wall

How many have you ever had a cold call?  I imagine everyone has.  Around six months ago I received a call from a vendor that provides web-based FAQ solutions.  At the time I was busy with a
12 Oct 2010

Get the Facebook Username You Want

How many of you have gone to register a username for your Facebook page only to find out its unavailable.  You try to visit the Facebook page that so rudely ‘stole’ your username, but you find out
7 Oct 2010

Netflix Canada – A Trust Gap Case Study

I love movies! When I heard that Netflix was coming to Canada, I almost did that Toyota jump that we use to see on commercials where people jump in the air and bend the legs back. Unfortunately,
4 Oct 2010

Get Help, Say Thanks

With Thanksgiving approaching this week in Canada, this post is very fitting. Just before our website was launched, some of the IT staff helped me with some critical pieces in order to meet the launch deadline.  I