Social Media Safety: Protect Your Reputation

Image from The COMMS Corner.

This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity of presenting to some new college students about social media safety.  Internet safety prior to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. was really about protecting yourself from those who would do you harm.  While that is still very important, your future and reputation are now at risk – more than ever.  You can see my presentation slide deck on

I’m not sure how well the presentation was received.  If we all remember our first day on campus, we felt a little out of place and nervous.  But the research experience was really valuable for me.  If anything, it reinforced in me, the need to ‘Think Before You Post

Here are some of the key points of my presentation:

  • we all have to protect our personal brand online
  • your social media presence is an extension of your personal brand
  • social media has blurred the lines between personal and professional comments and offline and online lives
  • there is no delete button online
  • social media builds a false sense of anonymity
  • social media is great… just be cautious

Here are some ways to protect yourself online:

  • Use to check social networks for your username
  • Check your Facebook privacy settings on a regular basis
  • Go back and check your photo album privacy settings
  • Don’t post too much personal information about yourself (eg. age, address, etc.)
  • Don’t post photos/comments that you wouldn’t want the world to see
  • Don’t use copyrighted photos without permission
  • Remember: there is no delete button