Follow Smart People

In my last post, I talked about knowing the right people helped me secure my first speaking invitation.  Not only is important to know the right people, but following the right people.

I don’t profess to be a social media guru. In fact, there are so many others who I look up to, that I feel quite the opposite.  So much knowledge can be gleaned by following the right people.  I want to share with you the people that I follow and why.  If you don’t have these people in your RSS reader or follow them on Twitter, you should.

Jeremiah Owyang: Website | Twitter

I first met Jeremiah last year at the Web Strategy Summit in Calgary.  He has a firm grasp on social technologies and clear vision of the future of the social web (some of which has come to pass). I also follow him on Twitter and takes the time to respond to inquires.  He’s down to earth and has his thumb on the pulse of social media.

Chris Brogan: Website | Twitter

I was priviledged to hear Chris speak in 2008 at the Stamats Integrated Marketing for Higher Education conference in St. Petersburg, Florida.  He was the keynote speaker.  Ever since then I’ve followed him and listed to him both on his blog and his Twitter account.  I was so impressed with his understanding of social media and web marketing that I went out and purchased Trust Agents, a book that he and Julien Smith wrote.

Erik Qualman: Website | Twitter

I first heard about Erik from his widely viewed video, Social Media Revolution.  His video is very thought provoking and based on  research contained in his book Socialnomics.  What I really like about Erik is that he understands how social media can change business, and he has the background to back it up.  I’ve chatted with him a few times on Twitter which is great to see people practice what they preach by building relationships on social media platforms.

Scott Stratten: Website | Twitter

I first came across Scott from one of his videos talking about website gluttony.  I was immediately impressed by the way he presented the message. After reading his blog posts and tweets for sometime, I decided to purchase his new book UnMarketing. What I like most about him is he tells it like it is.

Amber Naslund: Website | Twitter

Amber has been involved with social media, marketing and the web for a really long time.  I stumbled upon her blog during one my searches about social media and web strategy.  I instantly became intrigued with her ideas.  She clearly understands web strategy and social media.

The second you think you know everything, is the second you know nothing.  Look for smart people to follow and your knowledge will always increase.

I know there are dozens more to follow, but these people would be the first I would rattle off.  Who do you see as a wealth of information? I’d be interesting in hearing.

  • unmarketing

    Thanks Mike!! Incredible list of people to be included with here.

  • Mike McCready

    You're welcome. I've enjoyed your book so far. Just sad I couldn't make it to one of your unbook tour stops.