Monthly Archive:: September 2010

30 Sep 2010

Be Heard in a Sea of Voices

In Lethbridge, we’re getting close to a municipal election.  The campaigning has been going on for some time, but only fairly recently has the onslaught of lawn signs appeared.  There has been some lively discussions on Twitter
28 Sep 2010

Don’t Sell, Sell, Sell on Social Media

I have to write this, if for any reason, as a therapeutic ranting post.  I don’t typically rant about this, but what I saw gives “real” social media professionals a bad name the same way that a sleazy car salesman gives
27 Sep 2010

Follow Smart People

In my last post, I talked about knowing the right people helped me secure my first speaking invitation.  Not only is important to know the right people, but following the right people. I don’t profess to be
11 Sep 2010

How I Landed my First Speaking Invitation

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Lethbridge Region Expo in February. I’ll be presenting the benefits of social media through personal experience and industry case studies. I’m extremely excited and have
9 Sep 2010

Social Media Safety: Protect Your Reputation

This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity of presenting to some new college students about social media safety.  Internet safety prior to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. was really about protecting yourself from those who would do you