What’s Your Online Personal Brand Worth?

Personal Branding

Image via Waylou.com

I was reading a great post by Chris Brogan and it got me thinking about personal brands online.  For years, corporate brands have been valued based on various factors.  Interbrand ranks global brands and provides a value for each brand.  There are now tools that you can use that indicate the value of your brand online,  Klout.com (for Twitter) and dnscoop.com (domain names), to name a couple.

What is your brand worth to you?

I’m preparing for a presentation to new college students about how to protect themselves and their personal brand online.  But the question is:  what is your brand worth?

Everything you do online either builds up or tears down your personal brand.  The divide between your life offline and your life online is becoming smaller and smaller, unless you completely shut yourself off from the popular social networks completely.

Next time you apply for the killer job, do you think the HR staff will be searching your name on Google?  What about Twitter and Facebook?  What will they find?

It’s not enough to live a ‘squeaky clean’ life online, but you need to separate yourself from the others.  Make your brand stick out.  Think of one of your favorite brands.  What is it about them that you like?

Can you really put a dollar amount to your personal brand online?  There are countless opportunities that may come your way, but you may never know if your brand online fails to deliver.