Do You Have Twitter Success?

Twitter Lists

Image from Sonny Ahuja

Since Twitter has been around, there has been a need to measure effectiveness. First it was the number of followers you had. Do you remember the race between Ashton Kutcher and CNN to one million followers?

Quickly people realized the number of followers you had was no indication of your success on Twitter. People started looking for engagement measurements like replies or retweets (RT). This does indicate some measure of success, that your message is getting spread, but is it getting read?

I would like to suggest a more effective measurement of Twitter success; Twitter Lists.

If you’re like me, your main Twitter stream is very cluttered and, at times, useless ramble. What I have done, and I know many others, is created lists of interesting topics and added people that talk about those topics to the lists.

You can see how many lists your are on by clicking on the ‘listed’ link to the right of your followers number on For example, I have been added to 77 lists.

Why are Twitter lists a good success measure?

We all know how cluttered Twitter can get and how your tweets likely are being missed by many people. Being on a Twitter list is more of an indicator that your messages are being received and that people value what you say enough to set you apart on a list. In addition to being on a list, if that list you are on has subscribers, your potential focused-reach is that much broader.