Be a Consistent Blogger

blog consistency

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We’ve all heard how content is king, in fact I wrote a post about it.  But equally as important, if not more important, is to be consistent.  There is a lot of discussion about how often you should blog and I don’t think there is any really magic number.  More importantly is that you blog the same number of posts week after week.

We are creatures of habit and when we enter a routine, we expect that the routine will continue.  As your readers see your trend for writing (whether its 3 times a week or everyday), they begin to expect that it will continue.  When they notice that your pattern is shifted, you disrupt their routine, which causes them to lose interest.

This Spring I was very busy at work preparing to launch a new website for the college I work at.  I started taking that work home in preparations for a Summer launch.  I found myself blogging much less.  In fact I only wrote 2 posts in May and 2 posts in June.

If you look at the graph from Feedburner, you will see that subscribers begin to drop off right around May.

The number of people that subscribed to my blog reached an all-time high on May 3 at 97 subscribers.  I then went and threw it all away by not remaining consistent in my blogging.  The decline happened much quicker than the increase.  Now I have to rebuild trust with my subscribers.

I hope that you can take my experience and learn from it.  If you’re committed to being a blogger, you need to be consistent.

  • Fskurt

    Consistent blogging also shows that your company is not dead and something is going on.

  • Anonymous

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