SEO Copywriting – 5 Tips for Better Search Visibility

Search Engine Optimization CopywritingThe following is a guest blog post from Corry Cummings. Corry is the owner of Content Customs, a content creation company that specializes in high quality web content writing services. He also runs a blog over at Content Customs, which is managed and written by one of the head writers of the company.

Many veteran web developers remember 1993 with much disdain. It was in this year that, by many accounts, search engine optimization became difficult. Before this year, better search visibility with SEO copywriting was as simple as using keywords and using them often. Today, competition is fierce and search engines are constantly changing the ways in which they determine which sites will rank well. With SEO copywriting, there are 5 tips for better search visibility to remain competitive and turn your efforts into cash.

  1. Write for Search Engines Without Turning Off Users
    While the basics are still the same (you must use a good amount of quality keywords often), you have to remember that you have two basic audiences – search engines and humans. You have to generate content that pleases both. In other words, never let your search engine optimization efforts overshadow your content. Your keywords should flow into your content without being distracting. If you have to force keywords into your content, you are not creating it properly.
  2. Dial in on a Specific Keyword Phrase
    It may be tempting to capitalize on multiple keywords per article. However, it is much more effective to dial in on a specific keyword phrase rather than trying to flood multiple keyword phrases into your content. While it may seem like a way to kill two birds with one stone, it can actually diminish your search visibility efforts and make your writing seem unfocused and unclear.
  3. Write Content People Will Link to
    One of the ways in which search engine optimization changes so remarkably after 1993 was the new importance of back links. Web sites were not only ranked on their relevance and keywords but how valuable they were to the Internet as a whole – how many other web sites felt it necessary to link to it. However, quality matters. In order to create good links that are valuable in both organic traffic results and direct traffic from a back link, you must create valuable and focused content. Writing content that people will link to is crucial. You need to build to the point that people are asking to link to your web site, not the other way around.
  4. Long Pages vs. Short Pages
    In page by page content development, long pages vs. short pages is a very important consideration. While you have to take into account the fact that the average web visitor only scans about 20% of your content (suggesting shorter pages might work better), long pages with plenty of space between sections are much more valuable. You can fit many more long tail keywords into content naturally rather than struggling to target a few in a small amount of space.
  5. Make your Content Easy to Scan (using bold, italics, H1, H2 tags, etc.)
    Another important way to build better search visibility through SEO copywriting is to assist the visitors in scanning your content by making your content easy to scan. Within reason (to avoid altering text to code ratio), you can bold openings of important paragraphs, use offset block text in italics and highlight headers and subheads with HTML tags like h1 and h2. All of these efforts can create easier to read text and scanable conte

While building better search visibility with SEO copywriting is an ongoing effort, you can make a strong first showing by following these simple 5 tips. Internet visitors love to read content that is easy to scan. It is in your best interest to please both your visitors and the robots coming in from search engines. If you can please both, you will be successful.

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