Keep It Simple

Its been a while since I’ve been very active blogging. After some time, I got discouraged thinking that I had to write an elaborate and incredible post. Thinking this made it even harder to get back to blogging.

I finally realized that some of the best blog posts are simple. Look at most of Seth Godin’s posts. While his posts are often profound, they are simple, to the point and short. Once Seth reaches his main point, his post is done. Too often blog posts are lengthy and dance around the main point.

Here are some simple points to remember:

– don’t stew about what to write, just get started
– don’t belabor your point
– don’t try to make your post more complicated then it needs to be
– include images to help express your message

Well written content is important. But well written content doesn’t mean long-winded posts. Remember to keep it simple.

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