To Retweet or Not


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One of the advantages of Twitter is the ability spread information at very rapid pace. I actually like to retweet (RT) other’s tweets if I find the information interesting.

As with everything we do online, our tweets should have strategy.  Why are we spending time sending a tweet or retweeting someone else’s tweet?  The bottom line is promotion. Whether it’s promoting a brand, a cause, a product, yourself, etc.  For this promotion to be effective and possibly go viral, your tweet should follow some guidelines:

  • Keep it short. If people need to edit your tweet to bring it down to 140 characters or less, your chances are dramatically reduced that it will be retweeted.  Personally I do not retweet if I have to edit the original tweet to make it short enough.
  • Use recognized URL shorteners. If your tweet contains a link, which it likely will, use a recognized URL shortener. is by far the most effective service to use.
  • Provide valuable information. People are always wanting to learn new ideas.  Providing these ‘how to’ tips will engage people and encourage sharing.

People naturally want to share information on Twitter.  If your tweet follows these tips, the chances of being retweeted dramatically increases.  For some other great tips to increase retweet chances, visit

What have you noticed works to get yourself retweeted?  Please share.

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