The Power of Customer Service

Customer ServiceI want to share an experience that I had over the past few weeks that demonstrates the power of customer service.  A few weeks ago I was at Superstore Optical to pick out some new glasses.  I went there because they were having a 50% sale on frames and lenses.  I was a little hesitant because I’ve  considered them a discount optical outfit.

I wanted to try a new look so I got squarer frames that were a little more trendy than my usual wire frames.  Before I go on, I should preface with the fact that my prescription is -7.0, which is very strong.

About a week later, I got the call that my glasses were ready.  I went to pick them up, and what I saw when I got there, made me upset.  My lenses were extremely thick, they looked like the thickest ‘coke bottle’ glasses I had ever seen and one of the lenses was not even attached all the way because they used wire to hold the lenses in, which I hadn’t realized these frames used wire to hold the lenses in.  I refused to take them and wanted to talk to the manager, but I was going to have to wait until the weekend when she was in – which made me even more irritated.  I was already making decisions to never come back here – I just want my money back and start over somewhere else.

When I talked with the manager and explained my unhappiness with the glasses, she went over some of the options.  One of the options was to pick out some new frames that would allow the lenses to appear not as thick.  So about an hour later, and with some guidance, I had picked a new pair of frames.  I was told that they could take a week, but they were literally ready in 2 days.  There was no cost to swapping the lenses and frames completely, and I actually got even thinner lenses.


At first Superstore Optical failed me as a consumer by not providing the proper advice to pick the right pair of frames to fit my needs and I was prepared to severe my ties with the store and start over at a ‘better’ store.  But they redeemed themselves completely by ensuring I was completely satisfied – they even went above my expectations in the delivery of the new pair of glasses.

The bottom line: good customer service is more powerful than any advertisement to generate customer loyalty.

  • Noreen Clay

     You are absolutely right,
    Mike! Customer service is a powerful tool that can attract customer loyalty. If
    you succeed in solving the customer’s problem, you can foster a good
    relationship with the customer. But if you fail a customer’s request, it can
    have a big impact on the company’s reputation. So it is vital that you go over
    a customer’s complaint carefully and quickly to avoid further complications. The
    manager of the Superstore Optical made a good decision to satisfying you better
    than what you expected.