Content is Still King!

Content Is Still KingThe phrase content is king goes way back to 1996 from an article by Bill Gates called Content is King.  Since then, there have been countless article and presentations about how important content is.  Most of them are around the context of making the sale or engaging visitors.

Content is still king, but I would like to take a slightly different spin.  One of the major influences of your website’s search engine ranking are inbound links. Your website will only receive inbound links if the content is well written and interesting.

Eric Enge from, has a great article called ‘Content is King, Baby!‘ where he offers these final words of advice:

Content is a weapon on the web. Use it to help you win market share. Just make sure you have something that is truly noteworthy, and that it communicates that effectively.

Personal Case Study

I have had blog posts featured in seven times in a bi-monthly e-newsletter from that has a readership of 1,500 higher education professionals. Here are the blog posts that received mention and links from the e-newsletter:

Tips for Writing Linkable Content

  1. Write about content that you are passionate about.
  2. Include personal experience is your posts.
  3. Include quotes or links to other industry experts.
  4. Monitor traffic to identify in-bound links.
  5. Reciprocate the favor by linking back or saying thank you.

What do you do to encourage others to link to your content?  Please share by leaving a comment.

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