Monthly Archive:: March 2010

31 Mar 2010

Facebook Ads Can Work… Sometimes.

I wrote a post last year where I talked about my experience with the ineffectiveness of using Facebook Ads to promote our college website. Over the past few months we’ve run two Facebook Ad campaigns that were
29 Mar 2010

Social Media ROI

First of let me preface this post with a disclaimer.  This is not your typical post on social media ROI – in fact it’s quite the opposite.  It’s a bit more of a personal rant, if anything,
26 Mar 2010

Internet Marketing Conference Review

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Internet Marketing Conference (IMC) in Calgary. Some of my favorite presenters include Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Doug Lacombe, Shauna Causey, Chris Goward, Ryan Merket, and Ernest Barbaric.  I want to share some of my personal key
19 Mar 2010

Weekly Video: Publishing is Dead… Or is It?

I came across this great video which is a must see if you are involved in publishing, marketing, social media or any communication industry. There are is a lot of discussion of how social media is killing
16 Mar 2010

Content is Still King!

The phrase content is king goes way back to 1996 from an article by Bill Gates called Content is King.  Since then, there have been countless article and presentations about how important content is.  Most of them
9 Mar 2010

Easiness vs. User Experience

When designing a new website or redesigning an existing one, many decisions are made about content, structure, functionality, etc.  Not all of the decisions are made for the right reason. These choices will impact, either positively or