Weekly Video: “The Serendipity Engine” from Chris Brogan

This week’s video is a little on the long side (10 min), but well worth the view.  If any of you have read or listened to Chris Brogan, you’ll understand why it’s worth the view.

Chris calls Twitter and other tools like it (eg. LinkedIn) a ‘serendipity engine’. Which makes total sense if you refer to the definition of serendipity from Wikipedia:

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Chris offer some important tips to maximize your experience on Twitter or similar tools:

  1. Use the Twitter search. There is so much value in what people are saying topically
  2. Listen far more than worrying about  what to say
  3. Spend 12 times as much time talking about other people as you do yourself.
  4. Use your @ replies far more often

In closing, Chris posed some questions:

  • How do we share?
  • How do we extend experiences and relationships?
  • How do we collaborate?
  • How do we wire new networks (not technology but people networks)?
  • How do we make new distribution?
  • How do we develop relationships that yield?

Ask these questions of yourself and your organization and get ready to start your Serendipity Engine.