Weekly Video: Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

I gave up putting weekly videos as posts and resorted to having the weekly videos I found interesting posted in my sidebar.  I will continue to do this, but I think there is value in having the videos embedded in a post to comment on.  So on to the video and comment.

We all hear about social media ROI and questions about if it can be measured.  This video below really puts the business value of social media into context and provides some food for thought about how serious we should all consider social media.  Those reading this post probably know it’s important, but share this video with the influencers in your institution that may not fully understand the impacts of social media.

Can higher education afford not to be in social media? With demographics changing and the ‘traditional’ student changing, can higher education afford not to engage in social marketing?

I don’t profess to be a social media guru, but I recognize the implications that it has.  Businesses and non-profits are succeeding with social media as a business tool.  Just today I participated in a Make-A-Wish initiative by sending a retweet.  If they reach 100,000 tweets, LeapFish will donate $10,000 to make a young child’s wish come true.

I see four critical factors in our success with social media in higher education as a business tool:

  1. Increase understanding of social media
  2. Educate executive leadership
  3. Achieve campus support/buy-in
  4. Participation