Nice People Still Exist

niceThis doesn’t really fit in any of my categories, but I felt a need to share this.  I was Christmas shopping this evening at Toys R Us.  We had our kids with us and actually have gotten fairly good at hiding presents from them.  I use my coat to cover the presents in the cart.

Sometime during the course of my coat being shifted around, my Blackberry fell out of my pocket.  I usually have it zipped, but forgot this time.  We drove away and I realized it was gone.  I checked all over the van and it was no where to be found.  I went back to the store hoping to find on the floor, but realized it was very busy and likely someone found it and picked it up.

After scouring the store and not finding it, I went to the customer service desk.  I hoped it was there, but didn’t have much faith that it would be.  But it was!  Someone found my Blackberry on the floor in the store and turned it in.

To the person that did that small act of kindness – a big thank you!  A lesson for us – show kindness.

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