Listen To Me Already!

notlisteningLast week I was approached by a vendor of a virtual tour solution. I decided to entertain their call because I believe virtual tours are an important part of any web site.

Within minutes I wanted to stick pencils in my ears. I quickly felt removed from the conversation. The vendor was all about what they could do for us and very one-way in their discussion.  They continually pushed information down my throat and didn’t stop to ask me questions.  I don’t remember them asking, “what do you need?” or “what do you hope to accomplish?”

These sales tactics are very old-school and I’m surprised in today’s world of social media and customer-minded approaches, we still find these sales tactics.

If social media has taught us anything, its that listening is absolutely critical in marketing and sales.

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  • Kyle James

    This is one of the most important things that I teach SMB when I'm working with them.

    “Nobody cares about your products/services, but you!”

    Potential customers (or students or whatever else) are only interested in solving their own problems and if you can help them do this then maybe they will be interested in buying from you.

  • MikeMcCready

    Thanks for your comment. I was at a workshop and the facilitator was talking about the 'ME' generation. They really want to know what service/product can do for them. Its too bad that many companies haven't grasped this and still try to market the same way.