Monthly Archive:: October 2009

28 Oct 2009

Social Surfing

The way we consume information online is changing rapidly. If there were web sites that we wanted to share with our friends, we would e-mail the links to them. Any discussions happened after the fact through e-mail
22 Oct 2009

Be Honest About Your Web Goals

I came across a campaign website for Lakehead University and at the very top of the website is the call-to-action, ‘Enter to win an Apple MacBook.’  At first glance all it appears that I need to do
21 Oct 2009

What Should Our Web Team Do?

In my role as Web Services Manager at a higher education institution, I lead a web team of three (including myself).  For a large institution, that is a small team.  No matter the size of your web
18 Oct 2009

Usability Testing With Usabilla

I’ve noticed a shift in the web design world.  Maybe the shift isn’t recent, maybe I’m just become aware of it.  The increasing importance of involving the user in the design process.  User centered design is becoming
15 Oct 2009

Vodpod: A Social Way to Share Videos

YouTube,, Viddler, Vimeo, and much more… Web video has become very mainstream, but also very fragmented. There are numerous video delivery services and each person has their favorite flavor. That makes it very difficult for people
9 Oct 2009

I Just Don’t Get Twitter!

Well, actually I do. But this is what I hear from family, friends, and co-workers when I mention that I use Twitter. Twitter has gotten a rough ride by media and blog posts as being a
7 Oct 2009

Change Your WordPress URL

If you ever need to change the URL for your WordPress installation, this quick tip will help you. I just recently went through this process with another blog and while it was relatively painless, it could have