Separate Personal & Work on Social Networks

I came across this post the other day – How To Lose Your Job Via Facebook Status.  The post refers to a person who puts some very negative comments about her job and boss in her Facebook status.  Unfortunately for her, she made her boss a friend on Facebook previously.  Needless to say she lost her job.

The popularity and ease at sharing one’s thoughts for, potentially, the world to read, raises some serious questions that need be addressed:

  • should we have a work and personal social presence?
  • is it fair and ethical for bosses to review and follow employees on social networks?
  • is it truly free speech when the are potential serious consequences?
  • who will teach our children this valuable lesson?

The openness that social networks like Facebook and Twitter provide are great in one sense that it brings a global community closer together, but not without a price.

Whatever your answers are to the above questions, one thing I would advise is that you show restraint in your comments in these social networks.  Even if you are confident that no one you work with is a friend in your network, once its out there in the Web – its there for good.

How do you handle the separation of work and personal in social networks?  Please share your ideas?

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