Higher Education Web Goals

The college where I work is very close to starting a major web realignment project – I’ve actually talk a bit about this in previous posts.  The first task to tackle is to develop a web strategy.  A key component of the strategy are the goals.

For most institutions, there are many goals for the website; recruit students, attract donors, connect with alumni, receive grants, etc.  Addressing many goals can be difficult and may actually water down the website and minimize the impact.

Grundyhome.com has a great article that really summed up what the goal each institution should have for their website – raise the reputation of the institution.

By raising the reputation of an institution, you can:

  • recruit students
  • attract donors
  • connect with alumni
  • receive grants
  • and more

As we begin our strategy document, approaching from the point of ‘raising the reputation’ may help in summing up our goals and help us develop a clearer direction.

What are your goals for your institution’s website?  Do you have many goals or an overarching goal?  Please share with us your thoughts.

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