Monthly Archive:: September 2009

28 Sep 2009

Weekly Video: Flip UltraHD Review

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you would know that Lethbridge College is giving away a Flip UltraHD camera. I thought it would be good to share an third-party review of the camera, so you
24 Sep 2009

Multiple Signatures Using Google Gmail

If you have a Gmail account and use it for both personal and professional purposes, you may have needed signatures for each.  Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t have the ability to create multiple email signatures like Outlook or other
23 Sep 2009

Weekly Video: Introduction to the Semantic Web

If you’ve been working on the web in the last couple of years, you may have heard the term Semantic Web or Web 3.0. You also may have no idea what this mean or hunch, but not
21 Sep 2009

Web Strategy… Adding Intelligence to Web Design

Where I work, we are embarking on a web realignment (redesign) project for our main web presence.  From the very beginning we’ve had the mindset that this approach had to be strategic in nature.  I remember back
17 Sep 2009

Weekly Video: Did You Know 4.0

I typically only do one weekly video in a week, hence the name weekly video, but this video just came through my e-mail from our College President and I want to share it now instead of waiting
14 Sep 2009

Weekly Video: Google Website Optimizer Tutorial

I’ve been interested in conversions and landing pages for some time, but just from a theoretical approach.  As the college where I works gets ready to launch a new marketing campaign, I’m planning on using Google Website
10 Sep 2009

Marketing Fluff… Stop The Insanity!

We recently advertised a RFP for a web realignment project. We received 15 proposals from vendors all over Canada and a few outside of Canada.  The proposals ranged in size from small to large and elaborate. To