Monthly Archive:: August 2009

24 Aug 2009

Weekly Video: What Do Students Think of Your Commercials?

I came across this video which is a parody of traditional higher education recruitment/promotional videos.  It made me laugh, I wonder what your prospective students think when they watch recruitment videos from your institution?  I don’t agree
18 Aug 2009

Twitter Users Gone Wild!

In an earlier post called ‘SPAM 2.0‘, I shared an experience I had with people joining a Ning group I created with the sole purpose of spamming its members. Well it seems lately I’ve seen a rise
14 Aug 2009

Web Governance

When just starting as a web professional, I was excited to design ‘cool’ websites. But as I’ve matured in my field, I’ve noticed the growing important relationship that the web and business play together. This is even
13 Aug 2009

Weekly Video: Social Media Revolution

In January I wrote a post titled, ‘Social Media… Is It a Fad?‘. In this post I started to address some of the reasons why I think Social Media is NOT a fad. This video there are
4 Aug 2009

Weekly Video: Seth Godin & Tom Peters on blogging.

Do you own your own business?  Do you work at a higher education instituion? Do you run a non-profit agency?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should be blogging.  Listen to Seth Godin