Weekly Video: Inbound Marketing

I’ve been pretty busy with work and haven’t had much time to blog over the past few weeks and in fact I didn’t know what video to share for my weekly video segment.  I then came across a great video from Hubspot on their YouTube channel about inbound marketing.

This is a funny music video parody about inbound marketing.  Anyone in marketing should really watch this video to understand (at a basic level) the importance of SEO, landing pages, RSS, etc. in marketing efforts.  I use to work in a call centre before and understand completely the complete uselessness cold calling is.  Other intrusive marketing means, while they do have they place, are not as effective as inbound marketing efforts.  So enough of my rambling, check out the video:

What inbound marketing efforts to you utilize in your company or institution?  Please share some of your ideas.

  • http://www.lemonfree.com Dan Legal

    Found your blog by accident, but glad I did. Watched this video and the one in the previous post, both are excellent videos but I really liked this one; really creative.

    Keep up with the good content.