Monthly Archive:: June 2009

29 Jun 2009

Weekly Video: Social media is the new punk rock

I came across this video on YouTube and thought it was a good analogy.  Although I’ve never considered myself a punk rocker, I do consider myself a blogger and social media participator.  Check this video out and
25 Jun 2009

Improving Organic Search Results

Let me first preface this post by saying ‘I am not a SEO guru.’ I just want to share an experience that indicates how simple this is. I then want to share a slide show from a
22 Jun 2009

How to kill your brand and Twitter in one fell swoop!

I don’t usually write two blog posts in one day, and since I had my weekly video this morning, this is a bit out of the ordinary. But I came across an article that I had to
19 Jun 2009

Design by Convenience

Image via Wikipedia I came across a recent blog post by Seth Godin titled Circles of Convenience in which Seth relates how well known investors like Warren Buffet invest in Circles of Competence. This means simply ‘buy
17 Jun 2009

Redesign With Transparency

Image via Wikipedia Undertaking a major redesign project can be a difficult initiative in any large organization, especially in higher education or other large institutions where there are many internal stakeholders with a vested interest. There are
15 Jun 2009

Weekly Video: Inbound Marketing

I’ve been pretty busy with work and haven’t had much time to blog over the past few weeks and in fact I didn’t know what video to share for my weekly video segment.  I then came across
8 Jun 2009

Weekly Video: The Year The Media Died

I came across this video which is absolutely great and, even though humorous, depicts the change traditional media is facing at the hands of the web and user-generated content. Its 9 minutes long, but worth every second.