Weekly Video: Seth Godin – Doing Social Media Right

More and more businesses and educational institutions are becoming aware of the need to engage potential clients and students using social media.  More and more individuals are talking about social media everday (I’m one of them).  Jason Baer of Convince and Connect has a blog post that talks about the six dangerous fallacies of social media and point 6 is ‘social media is hard.’  He goes on to say that it is not hard, but complicated.  Things that are complicated can be done wrong.

In this weeks video, Seth Godin spend a few moments reminding us (I say reminding, because I know many of us know this already) of how to effectively engage and connect using social media.

Some of the points that I got from this video are:

  • the number of Facebook friends and Twitter followers is irrelevant
  • helping people achieve their goals is what is important
  • over time, as we help others, they will in turn help us

So from this day forth, lets all pledge to stop the superficial following and friending.  Friend to help, follow to inspire.

What are your thoughts on Seth’s ideas?  Do agree/disagree?  Please share, how to help people using social media?

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