The Maturing Role of the Internet Strategist (Web Strategy Summit)

2:25:06 PM: What is an internet strategist? Prepares the company for the future using internet technologies #wss

2:33:38 PM: Check out #wss

2:34:57 PM: Top issues – inadequate budget, prioritizing, roi #wss

2:40:09 PM: Significant growth in internet strategy, but still not there yet – internet still predominately a function of marketing #wss

2:40:45 PM: Tip 1 – strive for independence #wss

2:41:59 PM: Tip 2 – build the business case – creative presentations rarely make it to the boardroom, but biz cases do #wss

2:44:26 PM: Tip 3 – be the expert opinion – be the centre of gravity for internet initatives #wss

2:46:31 PM: Tip 4 – find your inner c – find a true believer who believes that his/her success depends on you #wss

2:49:07 PM: Tip 5 – always pitch it – merchandise your ideas the same way you merchandise your product #wss

2:50:13 PM: Tip 6 – look to the web first – embrace the power of the web community and stand on the shoulders of giants #wss

2:52:03 PM: Tip 7 – exexute #wss