The Future of the Social Web With Jeremiah Owyang (Web Strategy Summit)

3:44:29 PM: I’m very excited to hear Jeremiah’s keynote – if you don’t know who he is – Google him. #wss

4:03:16 PM: Kids don’t read cursive – they are used to digital text – when kids don’t know an answer they used ‘idk’ #wss

4:04:22 PM: Power continues to shift to communities over brands – communities become institutions #wss

4:06:25 PM: There is a steady rise in the adoption of social media #wss

4:07:59 PM: There are various types of people in the social web – creators, critics, collectors, critics, joiners, spectators, inactives #wss

4:08:52 PM: Three quarters of US online adults now use social technologies #wss

4:12:34 PM: The best way to look into the future is to look into the past – Jeremiah O. #wss

4:15:30 PM: Five eras of the social web #wss

4:16:58 PM: Eras – relationships, social functionality, social colonization, social context, social commerce #wss

4:19:31 PM: Social relationships (already matured) – people connect to each other #wss

4:23:17 PM: Era of social functionality (matures in 2011) – networks become more like operating systems – impacts- new forms of advertising #wss

4:24:39 PM: Era of social colonization (starts 2009) – your friends go whereever you are #wss

4:26:12 PM: Facebook connect is an example of social colonization #wss

4:30:24 PM: Impacts – it won’t a lonely experience – new technologies will allow any website to be social even if they don’t want to be #wss

4:31:13 PM: Era of social context (starts 2010) relevant content comes to you #wss

4:34:13 PM: Impacts – website content, design and advertising becomes relevant, registration pages go away, brands will personlize web experience #wss

4:38:57 PM: Era of social commerce (starts 2011) – communities define products #wss

4:42:00 PM: social crm – social communities do embracing on their own – companies build products based on collective opinion and desire #wss

4:43:11 PM: Social networks are the next generation crm systems – pr agency will represent communities and not brands #wss

4:45:35 PM: SEO will have impact by your social meta-data #wss

4:47:36 PM: Take your most popular content and turn it into widgets where your audiences are – corporate websites as a destination will go away #wss

4:53:04 PM: Challenges: privacy, social network burnout, legal, noise from ambient intimacy, extremism #wss

4:54:30 PM: Brands need to focus on their most vocal advocates, marketers think about social, focus on opt-in or pull, prepare internal culture #wss

5:01:09 PM: Twitter is the next blip on the social network radar – just not mature enough yet – twitter is iver hyped, but its here to stay #wss

5:06:04 PM: It was amazing hearing Jeremiah in person and some very valuable points to consider #wss