Measuring Success When Profits Are Not the Bottom Line (Web Strategy Summit)

11:18:21 AM: ROI – evaluating process and pre/post implemention #wss

11:19:08 AM: Non-profit roi examples – operating costs, donations, awareness #wss

11:20:03 AM: In order to measure roi, you need to know your goals ahead of time #wss

11:21:40 AM: Value of roi in non-profit – buyin, grants/funding, increase strategic use of resources, process enables learning #wss

11:22:43 AM: Do not use paper mailouts for people under 40 #wss

11:25:00 AM: Measure roi for non-profits – quantitative(donations, volunteers, page views, twitter activity, facebook activity, applications) #wss

11:26:56 AM: measure roi for non-profit – qualitative (awareness raising, surveys, numbers of views vs. Level of influence) #wss

11:29:38 AM: Efficiency – how much money/time can we save Effectiveness – how will this investment contribute to results #wss

11:31:10 AM: Good roi/strong analysis should streamline processess & ability to be more effective #wss

11:34:12 AM: Quantative tools – google tools, donations (offline vs. Online), compare compaigns, memberships, email/rss subscribers, social media #wss

11:36:07 AM: Qualitative measurements – listen to what people are saying not just how often #wss

11:37:17 AM: Set metric to match goals, look to see what others are doing which is similar, save data and share #wss

11:38:14 AM: Listen, learn, adapt – don’t be afraid to tweak, incremental change can be less risky, ask users for feedback #wss

11:48:26 AM: Use whatever measurement tools that helps show if you’re meeting your goals #wss

11:49:13 AM: Compile data – track data/document learning, story telling #wss