Managing Websites With Evidence (Web Strategy Summit)

1:19:45 PM: Create an evidence-seeking culture on your web team (and up) #wss

1:22:13 PM: Five principles of evidence based decision making …

1:22:40 PM: Principle #1: face the hard facts

1:23:19 PM: Principle #2: be committed to evidence based decision making #wss

1:25:17 PM: Principle #3: treat your organization as an unfinished prototype

1:29:41 PM: Beware of best practices – may just be stories or plain luck #wss

1:34:16 PM: 4 foundational methods 1) web analytics 2) usability testing 3) user interviews 4) staff interviews #wss

1:41:20 PM: Proper sampling is critical if you want to generalize your findings #wss

1:42:36 PM: common pitfalls – choosing wrong methods, overemphasizing statistics, focusing on what people do and not why they do it. #wss

2:02:34 PM: What does analyzing Alberta teachers have to do with managing websites with evidence? I think the session is on a irrelevant tangent. #wss

2:38:30 PM: We are doing break out groups to pick best analysis tools for a travel website scenerio with baby boomers.

3:01:17 PM: The elements of user exp – strategy, scope, structure, skeleton and surface

3:08:17 PM: After you gather data – its time to decide (who, what, when, how)

3:13:34 PM: Accelerator workshop – to get everyone on the same page to stop indecision later

3:46:07 PM: Backcasting – start at the end and back step to determine how to get there.

3:58:51 PM: Make sure you bring HiPPO (highest paid person who’s opinion matters) to your web planning meetings – you need champions for the web plan.

4:12:33 PM: Use navigation analysis to determine if navigation items can be dropped

4:15:23 PM: Design from the inside out – design home page mockup last – ensure internal pages were well done and could act as landing pages.