How to Get Started With Social Media in Your Organization (Web Strategy Summit)

10:37:16 AM: The big question – what is social media? #wss

10:38:14 AM: Focus on the social aspect – interaction, communication, collaboration #wss

10:40:07 AM: Started doing info sessions about RSS feeds and web 2.0 technology #wss

10:42:27 AM: Become the ‘experts’ in the organization to educate, research, engage the social web #wss

10:51:10 AM: Generate interest – web 2.0 seminars, fact sheets, hallway conversations #wss

10:52:43 AM: Overcome resistance to change for social media #wss

10:56:42 AM: #1 obstacle – getting people to change – bottom-up guerrilla change

10:58:04 AM: Top-down change – management buy-in #wss

11:00:25 AM: Nuture relationships – internal/external #wss

11:04:40 AM: Identify biz benefits – cost/time savings, improved efficiencies, knowledge sharing #wss

11:06:27 AM: How to framework – see – 7 points – rationale, perspective,risks,biz intelligence,stakeholders,roi,process/roles #wss

11:08:47 AM: Free tool called netvibes that pulled in web conversations #wss

11:11:40 AM: Preparing social media for another ‘crisis’ #wss