Going Beyond Web Analytics to Dig into the Minds of Your Users (Web Strategy Summit)

3:07:18 PM: Web metrics – scratching the surface – #wss

3:10:42 PM: In home visits or contextual inquiry – digging deeper #wss

3:12:19 PM: Key is to visit or test representative users of your product or website #wss

3:13:59 PM: Pick a typical task – watch users attempt typical tasks in their natural environment #wss

3:18:07 PM: Analyze the data – engage the broader team in the research #wss

3:28:06 PM: Selling user research – let the user speak for themselves – management knows what inititatives to fund to have significant user impact #wss

3:29:29 PM: Repeat in home visits / contextual inquiry to see if changes better met user needs #wss

3:36:15 PM: Usability testing – discovering gold – some limitations – artificial setting, seldom finds new opportunities #wss

3:38:34 PM: Quck inexpensive method to select design directions and refine design using RITE method #wss

3:40:06 PM: Before testing – no one like the most useful design – don’t narrow down your options too early #wss

3:41:28 PM: Use web metrics to identify where and when problems occur – use contextual inquiry to identify who and why and how to improve #wss

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    Thanks for covering this summit for us. I am always interested in learning more about analytics so I welcome this info.