Crowdsourcing for Inspiration With Patrick Lor (Web Strategy Summit)

1:20:38 PM: If shown photos you remember 65% of data compared to only 10% if shown text info #wss

1:26:02 PM: You cannot succeed without understanding a little bit of failure – Patrick Lor #wss

1:27:34 PM: Istockphoto started as a failed photo CD project – then shifted to a community-driven site giving away and sharing photos #wss

1:30:19 PM: Crowdsourcing – forget outsourcing #wss

1:34:07 PM: Over 65% of employees are looking for a new job #wss

1:39:07 PM: Evolution (boring) vs. Revolution (game changing) – do we want to evolve or game change? #wss

1:40:27 PM: Think of any community as a physical community – economics, etc. #wss

1:43:58 PM: Give people status – help people feel important #wss

1:47:27 PM: People love to gather – spontaneous gatherings – istockphoto put together work & play gatherings #wss

1:50:53 PM: Istockphoto maintains high quality photos – but they don’t just say a photo sucks, they provide photography education #wss

1:56:21 PM: Measure success of a community by the pride members have in the community #wss

2:01:21 PM: Tell a story – appeal to people in this order – hearts, minds, wallets – beginning, middle, end #wss

2:02:12 PM: rule #1 in making a pitch – making it personal #wss

2:05:06 PM: Drop in the bucket effect – when a pitch isn’t personal it feels like my efforts are like a drop in the bucket #wss

2:05:48 PM: Rule #2 in making a pitch – keep it simple #wss

2:07:43 PM: Rule #3 – seek inspiration – how do you inspire people when you are not inspired yourself – pitch gods –,, #wss

2:14:36 PM: Entrepreneur – its not a job title; its the state of mind of people who want to alter the future – guy kawasaki #wss