Are You Insane?

Albert Einstein.
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There may be many reasons why could answer yes to this question, I know there is for me </grin>. But before you answer the question, lets reflect on a quote from Albert Einstein:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Across all industry sectors, people are trying to improve sales, achieve more enrolments, increase market-share, etc.  And yet, quite often these same people are attempting to make these changes while doing the same practices over and over again.  Government and higher education may be the worst culprits – this could partly be due to their slowness to adapt to change and adopt new technologies.

Whichever your industry, whatever your goals, you could be plagued by the common form of insanity.  In all our marketing efforts, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I use radio ads?
  • Do I use billboard ads?
  • Do I use print ads?
  • Do I print brochures?

Using these mediums doesn’t justify insanity.  In fact they are needed, as I mentioned in the Marketing Convergence post.  Where insanity sets in is if you continue to use these traditional forms of advertising, expecting to reach today’s market and achieve positive results.  If this describes you or your institution, its time to shake things up.

Image by Dallas Marketing Services

Image by Dallas Marketing Services

The image above from Dallas Marketing Services shows a variety tools to include in your marketing arsenal – all related to the web.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Marketing efforts are converging to the web.  We still need radio, TV, billboard, print, etc.  But the focus of these mediums is changing to point to the web.

So, has your institution adopted at least one of the ideas in the above image into your marketing plan?  How about five ideas?  Ten?  If your institution hasn’t fully embraced these new methods of marketing, I dare say you are borderline insane.  I’m sure your institution or company wants to increase sales or enrolments and if you’re not marketing for the new generations, you will fail.

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