Analytics 2.0 With Avinash Kaushik (Web Strategy Summit)

9:09:21 AM: Magazine ads are faith based initiatives, but web ads are not – you can measure infinite amounts of interactions.

9:12:17 AM: A lot of clickstream data available but little insight – only answer the what #wss

9:13:04 AM: Multple outcomes analysis answers ‘the how much’ #wss

9:13:59 AM: Experimentation and voice of customer answers ‘the why’ #wss

9:15:11 AM: Path analysis is a complete waste of time – its complete garbage – it doesn’t tell why people do what they do. #wss

9:15:57 AM: Competitive intelligence answers ‘the what else’ #wss

9:16:36 AM: All of these methods give real insights and its gold #wss

9:17:15 AM: Clickstream data provides actionable metrics #wss

9:17:59 AM: HITS equals ‘how idiots track success’ #wss

9:19:15 AM: Bounce rate a better metric – bounce rate equals ‘I came. I puked. I left.’ Bounce rate is very actionable. #wss

9:20:35 AM: Identify your BFF’s using bounce rates – where are quality visitors coming from? #wss

9:25:00 AM: Look beyond arregates and averages – use segmentation – don’t use page view averages, use depth of visit and compare to traffic sources #wss

9:27:07 AM: Understand behavior to get useful insights #wss

9:28:50 AM: Measuring macro and micro conversions #wss

9:29:52 AM: Micro conversions are small things your website is trying to do – macro conversion is the big sale #wss

9:30:30 AM: Add up all the values of micro conversions #wss

9:35:18 AM: Quantify your conversions by putting a dollar value to the goals – so for highered put a $ value to applications #wss

9:37:16 AM: For an analytics guru, Avinash has a great sense of humor :) #wss

9:41:20 AM: For Facebook, 200 million members are irrelevant – look at visitor loyalty and recency #wss

9:41:54 AM: Loyalty + Recency = Profits #wss

9:44:23 AM: Capture the voice of the customer – surveys to the rescue #wss

9:46:16 AM: Long and complicated surveys are a crime against humanity – the best surveys are 3 questions long #wss

9:48:47 AM: 1. Why did you come? 2. Did you complete your task? 3. If you were not able to complete, why not? #wss

9:51:56 AM: Avinash recommends – its free #wss

9:53:01 AM: Websites suck because HiPPOs created them #wss

9:55:05 AM: Its ok to create a sexy site – but its not ok to not be functional #wss

9:55:45 AM: The web allows us to learn to be wrong… Quickly #wss

9:57:17 AM: Google web site optimizer only takes 6 1/2 minutes to setup – use A/B testing for sure #wss

10:01:24 AM: Check out Google Ad Planner #wss

10:04:57 AM: Web analytics 2.0 – do so much more with more data #wss

10:07:36 AM: An amazing presentation from Avinash #wss

10:11:05 AM: Use competitive intelligence to motivate change at the senior leadership level #wss