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29 May 2009

Are You Insane?

Image via Wikipedia There may be many reasons why could answer yes to this question, I know there is for me </grin>. But before you answer the question, lets reflect on a quote from Albert Einstein: The
25 May 2009

Weekly Video: Seth Godin – Doing Social Media Right

More and more businesses and educational institutions are becoming aware of the need to engage potential clients and students using social media.  More and more individuals are talking about social media everday (I’m one of them).  Jason
20 May 2009

Twitter… The New Google Search

Image by louisvolant via Flickr For some people, Twitter is about sharing the happenings of their life.  In fact, Twitter has a tutorial video describing what Twitter is on their web site.  They even have as a
19 May 2009

Weekly Video: GLUE – The Start of Social Colonization

I saw this video posted on Jeremiah Owyang’s blog and thought it was worth sharing.  GLUE allows you to share in your web browsing experience with your friends.  Jeremiah has talked about different eras of the social
13 May 2009

The Death of Mass Marketing and The Rise of Tribes

Over the past few months, I’ve come across many posts, and even talked about it myself, about the idea of the end of mass marketing or that mass marketing is evolving.  I personally believe that we are seeing a
11 May 2009

Weekly Video: Evan Williams – How Twitter’s spectacular growth is being driven by unexpected uses

Evan Williams, the CEO of Twitter, shares a brief history of Twitter and how Twitter’s growth is due largely in part to the unexpected uses users of Twitter are creating.   I know I can relate to some
7 May 2009

Key Takeaways From The Web Strategy Summit

Well if any of you were following either my live tweets or my blog post on May 4th and 5th, you may have already digested this information.  But what I wanted to do was to summarize some