Weekly Video: Being Courageous with Social Media

I don’t remember where I came across Paul Redfern’s blog.  With hyper-connectedness that Twitter allows, I’m sure I found his blog through a follower on Twitter or something like that.  But that’s beside the point – Paul has a great blog for higher education web marketing.  His latest post is a video post about being courageous with social media and being willing to take chances in higher education.  Take a look at the video blog below:

His video post got me thinking of trying to do some video blogging.  I’m just not sure if that will do my blog harm with readers being able to see behind the words and see the real Mike McCready </grin>

One thing that I would point out about being courageous with social media.  If your senior leadership or college community is not ready to be courageous and transparent with social media… don’t go down that path.  It would be far more detrimental pursuing social media when your college or university is not ready to be authentic and transparent.

Have you posted a video blog post?  Is your school willing to be courageous with social media?  Please share your thoughts and promote your video blog post.

  • http:highedwebmarketing.com Paul Redfern

    Mike thanks for the mention – good luck with the video blogs