Start Communicating Already!

MC Hammer on HubSpot.TV
Image by jameskm03 via Flickr

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and comments about social media and participating in verbal discussions as well.  I’ve come to the decision through all of these discussions that we just need to start communicating already!

What I mean by that is, there is still a lot of buzz, coverage, hesitation, and concerns about participating in social media.  I’m actually getting quite annoyed with all the buzz and even more annoyed with the cynics or those fearing or not seeing the value of social media.

I was listening to Kyle James speak on Thursday at the HighEdWeb Regional Conference and he shared a quote from MC Hammer that really sums it up:

Social media is no more than an extension of what we do naturally.

If I was to analyze that statement, I would say that social media is really just about communicating.  Its not about a magic marketing bullet or about solving enormous problems and its not even anything to fear, its about sharing your message and brand to a larger audience then traditionally possible.

If you or your organization (small or large) has not yet taken the plunge into social media.  Start communicating already.  If you’re still hesitant about communicating in this medium, maybe some of these statistics will help:

These statistics just give you a glimpse of the current landscape and one that shouldn’t be ignored. By not communicating in these mediums, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to share your message to are larger audience.  So stop bantering back and forth discussing whether or not you should start, and just start communicating already!

Do you or your organization have hesitations about starting with social media? How does an organization overcome their hesitations?  Please share your hesitations and/or ideas here so we can discuss them.