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30 Apr 2009

Should I Promote My School With Facebook Ads?

Image via Wikipedia I don’t know if I can offer a absolute yes or no answer. It depends on a number of factors. But what I will do is share our experience (even though in its infancy)
27 Apr 2009

Weekly Video: Social Media Queen Dishes At BCIT

I came across this video from BCIT and thought that Rebecca Bollwitt, a.k.a. Miss 604 offers some basic, but valuable insight into Twitter and social media.  Take a look at her interview below: Some of the highlights
24 Apr 2009

Start Communicating Already!

Image by jameskm03 via Flickr I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and comments about social media and participating in verbal discussions as well.  I’ve come to the decision through all of these discussions that we just
21 Apr 2009

Another Tech Merger: Oracle To Buy Sun

Image via CrunchBase It was announced on Monday, April 20th that Oracle has offered 7.4 billion dollars to buy Sun Microsystems.  The first thing you may be wondering is ‘why would you care about Oracle’s plans to
20 Apr 2009

Weekly Video: The Missing Metrics of Social Media

Everyone is talking about social media and looking at how to leverage this new way of communication to accomplish their business goals.  As social media becomes more of a business tool, there must be a way to
17 Apr 2009

When Does Social Media Breakdown And Fail?

Image via Wikipedia The hype of Twitter and the excitement that has been created because of the race to a million followers on Twitter between Aston Kutcher and CNN has gotten me thinking about the nature of
16 Apr 2009

Twitter Is A Fad… Wait No It Isn’t!

I’ve been thinking about what to write about in my next post and started another topic that I may look at later, but decided to address the on-going discussion about whether or not Twitter is a fad