WordPress Tips: What Happened To My Post?

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I’ve been using WordPress for a couple of years now and would like to share my experience, tips and other interesting facts about WordPress in a new series of posts called WordPress Tips.  I don’t profess to be an expert with WordPress, but I would like to share my own experiences from using WordPress.  But because I am not an expert, I am looking for help from others?  If would like to contribuite to this series, you can either e-mail the tip and get full credit, or we could arrange guest blogging.

Now on to the tip – What Happened to My Post?

If you have multiple computers in your house and may blog from any of them, this tip will be extremely important.

I was working on my previous post, Where is the Web Going? from two different computers in my house.  I got it all done and published the post and I was happy.  Then I went back to my blog and I noticed the post I just finished with was gone.

What happened was I made the mistake of leaving my admin panel open to the edit post screen on one computer and went and finished on another computer because I went downstairs for another reason.  WordPress has a built-in ability to autosave drafts.  So the computer upstairs auto-saved the draft that was incomplete – thus overwriting my final version with a draft version.

There are alot of postings on how to disable the auto-save feature, but I wouldn’t recommend that.  The take-away tip is something simple, always leave logout of the admin panel when leaving your machine.

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