WordPress Tips: Upgrading WordPress

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For the longest time I’ve been running with WordPress 2.5. Every time I login I see the little notice reminding be to upgrade to version 2.7, but I always put it off because I thought it would be complicated or take too much time. Well I was wrong!

If you are still running an older version of WordPress, I suggest you read this post and make the leap. As you’ll see its very straightforward and doesn’t take much time. The interface of version 2.7 is much nicer and more intuitive than older versions.

Step 1: Download the latest version of WordPress.

Step 2: Upload the file and extract it to a different directory.

Step 3: Backup your WordPress data directory and MySql database.

Step 4: Delete the wp-admin and wp-includes directories.

Step 5: Copy the following files/directories:

    • WordPress root files (do not copy the wp-config.php)
    • wp-admin and wp-includes directories
    • wp-content (make sure not to delete this directory from your original install and do not overwrite files that you may have changed)

Step 6: Navigate to the wp-admin directory in your browser.
You may be asked to update your database (I was), just follow the steps on the screen.

If you encounter problems with these steps, check out the official extended upgrade instructions.

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