Where Is The Web Going?

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Most if not all of you have heard of various terms floating around like The Semantic Web or Web 3.0.  These terms are used to describe the next phase of the Web.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of TED.  TED is an annual conference where some of the most forward thinkers come together to present and discuss amazing ideas.  I came across a presentation by Kevin Kelly titled “Predicting the Next 5000 days of the Web.”  The presentation is about nineteen minutes long and has some of Kevin’s predictions of where the Web will be in the next 5000 days.

Here are some of the interesting points from his presentation:

  • First lesson of the Web – We have to get better in believing in the impossible (because 10 years ago people would say its impossible to be where we are now)
  • One machine – constructing one single global machine.  All the cell phones, computers, etc. are little windows into the single machine.The most reliable machine ever made – zero downtime – never crashed.
  • 100 billion clicks per day on the Web
  • 55 trillion links between all the webpages
  • 2 million emails per second
  • 8 terrabytes per second traffic
  • It uses 5% of the global electricity
  • The power of the machine is doubling every 2 years
  • By 2040 the Web will exceed all humanity in processing power
  • Stages of the Web:
    • Stage 1: Linking computers – The Net (Past)
    • Stage 2: Linking pages – The Web (Present)
    • Stage 3: Linking Data – The One Machine (Future)
      Maybe stage 3 will be called the semantic web, web 3.0, giant global graph, the one machine
  • We are becoming so co-dependent on the machine that instead of remembering facts and information, we just Google it.
  • There is only One machine and the Web is its OS.
  • All screens look into the One.
  • No bits will live outside the Web.
  • To share is to gain.

These points really don’t do Kevin’s presentation justice.  I suggest you watch the presentation below:

What are your thoughts on where the Web will go?  What are your thoughts on Kevin’s presentation?

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